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As you or your children prepare to head back to school, it’s important to understand your rights under Title IX.

You may have heard a lot about Title IX lately, and you might have some questions about what it is and what it does.

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This number includes lost job wages, healthcare costs, crime, traffic accidents and associated costs of the criminal justice system.3 – Drug addiction and abuse can be linked to at least ½ of all major crimes committed in the United States, as roughly half of those taken into custody for violent offenses, such as assault or homicide, were under the influence at the time of arrest.4 – Nearly 2/3 of those found in addiction recovery centers report sexual or physical abuse as children.

Studies show child abuse to be a major factor in later life drug addiction.5 – A stimulant is a drug that provides users with added energy and contentment.

Despite efforts to educate and inform, many still cater to rumor and believe “old wives tales” in an effort to gain understanding on the topic.

In this entry, we seek to denounce the rumor mill in hopes of providing some much-needed clarity on the topic at large. 1 – Drug addiction and abuse takes its toll on all Americans – Regardless of whether you struggle with addiction in a personal manner, the emotional and financial impact effect stems throughout every town, community, and state.2 – Drug addiction and abuse costs the American taxpayers an average of $484 billion each year.

Many pedophiles follow career paths that provide steady contact with children and earn them the trust of other adults.

Priests, coaches and those who work with troubled youth are among the professions that child molesters have gravitated toward.

The following 10 facts and statistics, drawn from the National Center for Victims of Crime "Child Sexual Abuse" fact sheet, reveals the scope of child sexual abuse in the U. and its devastating long-term impact on a child's life: Sources:"Child Sexual Abuse." The National Center for Victims of Crime, NCVC.org, 2008.

Retrieved 29 November 2011.​"Medline Plus: Child Sexual Abuse." U. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

The THC found in marijuana works to inhibit brain function and can result in long-lasting effects even after a user has quit smoking.

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